Frequently Asked Questions

What information must we provide you with in order for you to provide us with an accurate quotation?

Structural Engineers drawings are far more relevant in our industry in comparisson to Architects General Arrangment detailing.
We can tender from reinforcement estimations, but it is preferred that we tender from drawings showing clear reinforcement detailing; as we are able to provide a more accurate tender and a better more realistic schedule. Steel reinforcement design can vary greatly dependant on the skill and expertise of the Structural Engineer, and their experience in the field.

Must we have Structural Engineers Drawings?

For an accurate quotation you should have Structural Engineers drawings, however it is possible to tender from Architects general arrangement drawings. However for the fabrication of the project you will need to supply us with Structural Engineers drawings.

Can you provide us with drawings?

Sorry, we cannot. We are a specialist formwork contractor specializing further in complicated projects and thusly are not Structural Engineers.